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Earn While You Learn Program

Pregnancy and parenting are filled with lots of uncertainty. This program helps to answer many of the questions women have and help to ease their anxiety.

As part of our Earn While You Learn program they are given the opportunity to earn “Mommy Money” to purchase materials like diapers, wipes and baby clothes and other much needed supplies.

Through regular lessons that include videos and worksheets, they learn important and essential information about their pregnancy and their baby.

There are a number of topics to choose which are tailored to the client’s needs and interests.

The women can remain in the program until their child is three years old.

The best way to “help” those in need, is to allow them to “help” themselves. It is with that belief that we launched this innovative program in the Fall of 2006. Expectant and new mothers can “earn” baby clothing, maternity wear, baby furniture, diapers, and many other necessities (and “wants”) by learning!

Earn While You Learn Program Photo
Earn While you learn Program
Earn While you learn program by Mother and Unborn baby care

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